One of the favorite tourist icons in the city of Padang is Padang Beach. This tourist attraction that extends to the west side of the capital city of West Sumatra Province is almost crowded every day by tourists, both local and foreign.

Especially since the Padang City Government maximizes infrastructure improvements. The surrounding area is now cleaner and neater. The travelers more freely and pampered while enjoying the beauty of the scenery and feel the warm waves of the waves on the beach.

MANDEH – Pesisir Selatan

Mandeh area is in Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan. More precisely looted around 56 km from the city of Padang, and can be reached by car for one hour. The Mandeh region is also known for having its sunset charm that is no less beautiful than other islands in Indonesia. The area which is at a height makes your eyes wider looking at beauty in the sky. coupled with enjoying the sunset on the Mandeh Peak will be the perfect ending of your day.

Mandeh area has a coral reef area of 70 hectares which is still well maintained, so that various marine biota species can live freely there. In addition to the coral reefs, something extraordinary in the Mandeh area is the best dive spot diving ship in Indonesia with a depth of 20-25 meters.

JAM GADANG – Bukittinggi

Jam Gadang is a landmark of Bukittinggi City, built in 1926 as a gift from the Queen of the Netherlands to Rook Maker, secretary or controleur of Fort de Kock (now Bukittinggi) during the Dutch East Indies government. The Clock Tower was designed by a local architect, “Yazin Sutan Gigi Ameh”. The combination of European and local architecture makes this tower look sturdy and beautiful as a pedestrian area in the middle of Bukittinggi city, with a large urban park covered with shade plants.


Istano Basa Pagaruyung is a symbol of the greatness of the Pagaruyung kingdom in Minangkabau. A unique traditional artistic building which is a replica of the istano rajo alam pagaruyung building which was burnt down by the Dutch in 1804 and rebuilt in 1976. in 2007 istano pagaruyung was again burned by lightning and is currently in the process of completing rebuilding.

Istano Basa Pagaruyung is a historical and cultural tourist attraction that is loaded with values that represent the greatness of the Minangkabau in the past through spatial planning, various engravings and ornaments and other great ornaments.