Venue and Impressions

Grand Inna Padang, Indonesia

Grand Inna Padang is a Four-Stars Hotel conceptually for convention, exhibition and simply elegant business hotel. Located on Jalan Gereja, you will reach Grand Inna Padang – a new brand with a new building, Located in the heart of Padang. Situated in a main busy street area in Padang where the most business and offices activity, it is easily accessible from every where in Padang. We invite you to take in its atmosphere. A mixture of our Minang heritage and modern, 21st century design, our lobby exemplifies our commitment at Grand Inna Padang to bringing together the best of the past and the present. More information –

The city of Padang

Padang is the capital of West Sumatra province, in the west coast of Indonesia. This city is famous with its seaport “Teluk Bayur” and one of the important cities in Indonesia. Padang has become the city of education indicated by a number of higher education institution and number of students. With this achievement, the city attracts students from other provinces of Indonesia and students from abroad. The ICTIS will be held in one of the famous hotels in Padang allowing the participants will enjoy the beaches’ nuances in the walk-able distances. After all the sessions of the conference are finished, there will be tours and sightseeing to touristic spots and cities in West Sumatra. The people of West Sumatra or “Minangkabau” are famous as successful entrepreneurs and scholars. They are spread across the country and even in several countries in Southeast Asia. More information at:

Impressions from the 1st ICTIS 2016

Information about the 1st ICTIS is available at

The opening of the 1st ICTIS 2016 – from right to left –

  • Dr. Paristiyanti Nurwardani (Deputy of Ministry of Research, Technology and Education, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Irwan Prayitno (Governor of West Sumatra)
  • Mr. Hendri Nofrianto (Rector of ITP)
  • Mr. Zulfa Eff Uli Ras (Foundation of ITP)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter van der Sijde (Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Firmansyah David (Chair of Organizing Committee)

Grand Inna Padang Convention Exhibition – Main Conference Hall

Meeting Room

Closing Ceremony – July 21st, 2016