Organizing Committee

Dr. Eng. Yusreni Warmi

Chair of Organizing Committee

Faculty Member Department of Electrical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Padang, Indonesia


Dr. Firmansyah David

International Affairs


Chair of Information, Organization and Technology-Based Entrepreneurship (i-OTe), Institut Teknologi Padang, Indonesia.

Research in the i-OTe emphasis in the use of information and knowledge as a ‘new’ resource in the information society. The proliferation of the Internet and computer-based information system have contributed to escalate enterprises’ competitive advantage. The i-OTe seeks to investigate issues and factors related to the distribution, storage, retrieve, dissemination of information, within and inter – virtual organizations. The main question in the i-OTe is to answer how do information can be effectively used in the organization. We use various theoretical approach to investigate the research question including the theory of information science, informatics; organizational and computational science. The goal of the research is projected to build model and the abstraction of e.g. Management Information System (MSI), Knowledge Management System (KMS), and Decision Support System (DSS). The i-OTe also investigates the process of technology-based entrepreneurship and IT-related product development. To start with the project, we build, evaluate and implement Knowledge Management System for a variety of users and organizations. Please visit us at