Professor Thomas Baaken

Director of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, Germany

Professor Thomas Baaken (PhD, MA) has been a Full Professor in Technology Marketing and Science-to-Business Marketing at the Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) since 1991. During the period 1998-2003, Thomas Baaken held the position of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Vice-Rector) Research and Tech-Transfer at MUAS. He was responsible for Research Strategies and Programs, industrial liaison, entrepreneurial activities, links to the European Community, technology transfer, and the marketing of the university research as well as relationships and networks. Since 2002 he has run the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, based at MUAS, the first strategic approach worldwide for a successful commercialization of research competencies, capacities and results.

Thomas was appointed Leader of the European Union (EU) working group “University Interaction with Industry”, which published the Handbook “Responsible Partnering – A guide to better practices for collaborative research and knowledge transfer between science and industry” under ProTon Europe. Additionally Thomas was also the project director of the largest study on University-Business Cooperation in Europe.

Dr. -ing. Ilham Habibie

President of PT Ilthabi Bara Utama – Technocrat

Dr. Ilham Akbar Habibie co-founded Mitra Energia Ltd. in 2004. Dr. Habibie is Owner of PT Ilthabi Bara Utama and serves as its President. He has also been the Chief Executive Officer and President of a number of aerospace and other companies which he founded. He served as a scientist and lecturer at the Technical University of Munich for seven years. He went on to work as an engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplane Group in the United States, from 1994 to 1996. While working in the United States, he assisted the President Director of Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (‘IPTN’) the state-owned aerospace company in Indonesia, on the N2130 Regional Jet Program.

Professor Gideon Maas

Director of International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship

Professor Gideon currently holds a position  as the Director of the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship at Coventry University. He has broad international business and academic experiences in various countries such as China, Europe and Africa. Within the academic environment he has created various entrepreneurship centres at different universities over the past years, developed and implemented undergraduate and post-graduate modules and programmes focusing specifically on enterprise and entrepreneurship.

He was previously the Director of Futures Entrepreneurship Centre and Professor in Entrepreneurship at Plymouth University; Director of the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship at Coventry University; owner-manager of my own consulting company (South Africa); the first International Chair in Entrepreneurship in South Africa (South Africa and Ireland); Acting Dean and HOD at PE Technikon (South Africa); Head Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Stellenbosch University Business School (South Africa); and Economist at the First National Development Corporation (Namibia). He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Arno Meerman

Founder and CEO of UIIN University-Industry-Innovation Network, Amsterdam, NL.

UIIN is a worldwide recognised network and platform for University-Business Cooperation. Arno Meerman is also a Director and the Business Development Manager at the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre in Münster, Germany. Besides project acquisition and strategic development, he conducts research on entrepreneurship, innovation and university-business collaboration. Arno has managed over 10 international projects including Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliances and EU tenders. In addition, Arno is also the co- founder and CEO of the University Industry Innovation Network, a leading international network that facilitates interaction and stimulates cooperation between higher educational institutions and industry. In this role he has initiated and leads the largest conference on University-Industry Interaction, manages a variety of its initiatives, including its workshops towards professionalisation of university-business cooperation and has led a number of UIINs research and development projects for the European Commission.

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