Call for Abstracts, Papers, Workshops, Posters

We invite academics and practitioners to submit abstracts, papers, posters or participate in workshops in the 2nd International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Society and Science-to-Business ICTIS-S2b 2018. The main objective is to map the processes of technology valorization and its implication for society, we expect abstracts and papers that are focused, but not limited, on the development of applied technology and research, technology and knowledge transfer, innovation studies, socio-techno issues, university – business co-operation and etc. Participants from Engineering and Technology Studies, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Policy Studies, Cultures are welcomed in this conference. We also invite practitioners from industries to present their work in the conference.

All accepted papers will be included and published in the 2nd Proceeding of ICTIS – S2B  and will be indexed by Scopus, CrossRef, DOAJ and Google Scholar.

Selected papers will be recommended to publish in the conference’s partner International Journals:

 Industry and Higher Education

 Springer Journal of The Knowledge Economy (Open Choice)

 Springer Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Open Access)

IGI International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development (Open Choice)

Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology (JST)

Conference Theme:


The ICTIS – S2B 2018 accommodates two main clusters . The clusters are as follows:

Cluster of Emerging Technologies, Engineering, and Applied Sciences


  • Advanced Material
  • Agricultural and Industry Technology
  • Disaster and Risk Management
  • Electrical and Electronics Technology
  • Geomatic and Geo-spatial Technology
  • Information Technology and Communication
  • Medical and Biotechnology
  • Renewable Energy and Environmental Management
  • Robotics Technology
  • Smart Building and Construction
  • Other topics related to emerging technologies

Cluster of Science-to-Business Aspects

  • Bringing Science-to-Business: creating partnerships and networks
  • Best practice in Science-to-Business Marketing
  • Value creating processes in market-oriented technology transfer
  • Developing and accessing research projects / technology evaluation
  • The role and management of organizations involved in Science-to-Business Marketing
  • Testing and communicating disruptive innovation
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Management
  • Education and Teaching in Science-to-Business
  • Technology Transfer,
  • Contract Research,
  • Research Commercialization,
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Management,
  • Education and Teaching in Science-to-Business
  • other topics related to Science-to-Business aspects