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Institut Teknologi Padang

Institut Teknologi Padang (ITP) is the first private technical university in Padang and the region of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The university delivers higher education in engineering sciences both in the academic and vocational tracks. In the way to strengthen our roles in technological development, implementation and technology transfer, ITP commits to expand relationship with people and organization outside academia e.g., industrial stakeholders and communities.  Being the oldest technical university in the region, we hold a renowned position in engineering education and training. Further, we offer high quality of learning, from lab-to-market research oriented, student training, and competency-training for graduates. More information about our university please visit us at: https://itp.ac.id/


Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC) University of Applied Sciences Münster





The Research Centre “Science Marketing” at the University of Applied Sciences Muenster developed with its concept of Science-to-Business Marketing the first strategic approach worldwide for a successful commercialization of research competencies, capacities and results.

The basis of this approach is the conviction that market mechanisms also work on the research market. All successful companies are working with marketing strategies. A basic principle of their success is that these companies know exactly the demand of their customers and that they adjust their research, developing and production to their customers’ needs. So why do research institutions not use marketing strategies? By a consistent focusing on the customer, the third party funding of research institutions can be increased enormously.

Science-to-Business Marketing aims at a successful marketing of research competencies, capacities and results. The objective of the Research Centre “Science Marketing” is to develop, test and provide new models, instruments and proceedings for research commercialization that enable universities to market their research more effectively.

For more information on the International conferences of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre please visit us at: http://www.science-marketing.com