Thank you for all participants!

Dear Participants

On behalf of the Rektor and the Foundation Board of ITP, we would like to thanking for your attendance and presentationĀ at the 2nd ICTIS and S2B Conference in Padang. There were positive feedback from our stakeholdersĀ  including our local government about the conference. Several local medias had published news on our conference. Unfortunately the news are in Indonesian, one of them you may check here

We are in the process preparing the ICTISS2B Proceeding, we plan to publish it within 2 month. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Greeting from Padang
Yours Sincerely

Firmansyah David, PhD and Dr.Eng. Yusreni Warmi
Organizing Committee ICTIS-S2B 2018