Presentation and Session Schedule

Dear Participants,

We display the presentation schedule which is available at

The participants may update the arrival date in Padang and request for shuttle from Minangkabau Airport to the Conference Venue (Grand Inna Padang Hotel).

Please send your query to or

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International Affairs


Dr. Firmansyah David.

Session Schedule

Dear Participants,

Please be updated on the parallel session of Presentations, Posters, and Exhibitions which will be announced July 13th 2018.  In due time the organizer will prepare articles for publication and proceeding.

The session schedule will be updated at

Send your query to, or

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International Affairs


Dr. Firmansyah David

Workshop Schedule

Dear Workshop participants,

Thank you for your registration for workshop which will be held on July 24th 2018.  The workshop entitled  “How to publish articles in high impact journal”. The one-day workshop will take place in the Session Room Hotel Grand Inna Muara. 

The instructor for the workshop has confirmed. You may check his profile on

or available at

The (tentative) schedule of the workshop is available at

Please re-confirm your attendance for the workshop by sending email to or to

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Preparation of the Conference

Dear Participants,

In three weeks, the 2nd ICTIS-S2B 2018 will be held in Grand Inna Muara, Padang, Indonesia. The organizer will display the schedule of keynote sessions, workshops, and tours –  within this week at the latest. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding registration, letter of invitation/acceptance, visa requirement, arrival, accommodation etc.

Please be informed to the conference schedule  at

Looking forward welcoming you in Padang

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International Affairs

ICTIS-S2B 2018

Dr. Firmansyah David